Hawes gets life; girlfriend's murder
indictment dropped

Star Tribune

Date: 05/07/10


Andrew Hawes was sentenced to life in 
prison Friday for the 2008 murder of his 
brother, Edwin. But lack of evidence forced 
Anoka County prosecutors to dismiss 
murder charges against Andrew's fiancée, 
Kristina Dorniden.

Andrew Hawes, 38, who testified during his 
trial that he accidentally ran over Edwin 
Hawes, 46, with his brother's car and 
supplied the crossbow with which his 
brother was shot, was convicted eight days 
ago. He was the second sibling to be 
convicted of aiding and abetting first-degree 
murder in the killing at Edwin Hawes' 
Andover home. Their sister, Elizabeth Hawes, 
45, was convicted in January and also 
received a life sentence.

Andrew Hawes testified during his trial that 
on Oct. 30, 2008 -- the day after Edwin was 
shot, beaten, and run over in his driveway -- 
he and Dorniden drove the body 200 miles to 
a farm in Cottonwood County, where the 
remains were burned.

Andrew testified that he dragged his brother's remains from a 
truck to a fire pit and ignited the fire.

Deputies spotted the blaze and found 
Elizabeth standing nearby. Dorniden, 30, also 
was found near the fire by authorities, 
according to court records.

Dorniden, like Andrew and Elizabeth Hawes, 
was charged with aiding and abetting murder 
in the first degree. But her involvement or 
knowledge of the killing wasn't made clear in 
either Hawes trial.

"We couldn't go forward with the case as 
charged," said Paul Young, an assistant 
Anoka County attorney who teamed with 
Deidre Aanstad to prosecute both Andrew 
and Elizabeth Hawes. "We don't have the 

Nor could prosecutors count on Andrew and 
Elizabeth Hawes, both of whom are expected 
to appeal their verdicts and would likely 
decline to testify.

According to testimony and court records, 
Andrew and Elizabeth Hawes believed that 
Edwin embezzled millions of dollars from a 
family lawn-care service and family 
members. A month before Edwin's death, 
Andrew purposely rammed Edwin's car in traffic on Chicago Avenue in Minneapolis, he testified.

Dorniden could still be charged with a lesser 
crime in the case, pending further investigation. Her attorney, Earl Gray, did not 
immediately return calls.

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